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What if I Told you This is NOT Going to be Easy…….Would That Scare you Away?

The reason network marketing gets such a bad rep is because so many people just want to pitch their business to ANYONE that is within 100 miles of them in person or online. People are saying how EASY it is and that only a complete idiot would not join their business. Network marketing can do […]


Nobody Left to Talk to About Your Business? Think Again

You have done EVERYTHING your upline has told you to do. You have handed out flyers, talked to EVERYONE within 3 feet of you, and the list goes on and on. Told them all how great your company is and how they will make tons and tons of money, but nobody wants to join. Here […]


Building Two MLM’s at the Same Time Great Idea or Not so Great of an Idea?

You want or currently are building two network marketing/MLM businesses. Let me share with you why I think this is a BAD idea, see in this industry it is ALL about community and culture. I have never seen and my mentors have never seen a person making BIG time money promoting two separate business. Now […]


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