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Building Two MLM’s at the Same Time Great Idea or Not so Great of an Idea?

You want or currently are building two network marketing/MLM businesses. Let me share with you why I think this is a BAD idea, see in this industry it is ALL about community and culture. I have never seen and my mentors have never seen a person making BIG time money promoting two separate business. Now […]


Are you Getting the Most Out of Your Purchases?

My job (currently) has me working 3:30am to about 1pm; I am a route driver for a vending company. Every day I fill up my work truck with gas as I drive between 160-200 miles per day. After I fill up the truck I go into pay and I have a rewards card through Mickey […]


You Want to Have Success in Your Business? It’s ALL On You

Your upline or downline, sister, brother and so on can only encourage motivate to a certain point. It’s only when you have a WHY and a vision that will push you through ANYTHING that will get you the success you want. Besides having a why and a vision you have to be taking in personal […]


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