Are you Getting the Most Out of Your Purchases?

My job (currently) has me working 3:30am to about 1pm; I am a route driver for a vending company. Every day I fill up my work truck with gas as I drive between 160-200 miles per day. After I fill up the truck I go into pay and I have a rewards card through Mickey Mart. For every gallon of gas I get 10 points, for every dollar I spend inside I get 10 points as well. When I have to wait in line behind people and I hear the reward card thing say “please swipe your card” I would say 75% if not more don’t have a card.October 17 2014

Why not have a rewards card for things you are going to buy on a daily/weekly basis? Most people are lazy and they don’t want to take the time to sign up for a card. As of writing this post I have earned $40 in free gas 95% of that was earned from filling up my work truck that the company is paying to fill up. I also earn other rewards for the points that I have earned. Each day when I fill up I earn between $.25-$.75 off a in store purchase.

I also have a Shell fuel reward card that earns me $.03 off a gallon every time I fill up. Also with the SAME reward card I earn points at subway. Mentioning Subway they have a short 1 minute survey on each receipt that earns you a free cookie each and every time you come in. Some of my local subways also have a drawing once a month for a free footlong for people that have filled out the survey. With that said I have won 3 free subs from that too. One day within 1 hour I got a call from two different subways telling me that I had won their monthly drawing that was pretty cool.

There are so many reward card out there please take the time and think about where you are spending money and if they offer any kind of rewards. upromiseMy wife and I walk up to our local CVS from time to time and they are always sending us 25% off coupons in the mail or in our email. There are SO many options when it comes to the internet as well like Upromise and ebates. I use both of these on a regular basis, one quick story about Upromise. My mother in law got our daughter a subscription to Disney jr the magazine and through Upromise we earned 40% cash back which was like $23. Pretty cool stuff huh?

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