Looking for that perfect prospect? Think About Your Business Long Term

I bet you have said this before, I wish I could just find that “one or two” prospects that would explode my downline and I could just sit back October 27thand count the income coming in. Sure you could think that way or you could go out and prospect up the social ladder and have posture. See so many get into Network marketing through the money pitch and that you won’t have to work that hard to make more money than you ever had before. Look at the image at this person post on facebook that she is looking for the best home based business and it has over 400 comments. Most of these people are offering just a link to their opportunity like this lady has time to go check out each and every business. Offer you and the benefits you have to offer for the prospect to join you in your business.

You have to think about your business like it is a 100 million dollar business. Many look at it like oh it’s just something I do on the side, well with that thinking you WILL MAKE just that something on the side kind of income. Look for people that you WANT to be in business with, if you have someone who is negative unless you are into that kind of thing don’t even waste your time with that person move on to the next prospect. Like I was saying before have posture and know that not everyone is a fit for you and your business. With the lady I mentioned above I would check out her profile and see if she is someone you WOULD want to partner up with. I would hate to convince someone to join my business so I could make a onetime commission in hopes of making residual income from them. Most likely since you convinced them to join the business now you will have to convince them over and over again to work the business.

In my business which is a VIP invitation only vacation club I am only looking to sponsoring people I would like to go on vacation with. For you if you go to a weekly or biweekly home/hotel meeting it would not make much sense to sponsor someone who you don’t like. Also to add to this maybe you have someone that wants to join but they have made it clear they want your help. Make sure you clarify what No thanks October 27ththey mean by help, to some that could mean they except you to call them every day and get them motivated. That is OK if you only plan on sponsoring a few reps, but if you plan on building a truly amazing and large you will NOT be able to do this. Do not be afraid to turn someone away if they are not a fit for you and your business.

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