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So you want to work with me directly? Well first thing I want to tell you is “Get ready to work hard!” You might be saying to yourself, “What? Everyone tells me how easy it is to make money online!” Well I want to tell you the truth: Anything that you do is going to take hard work. So if hard work is not something you are willing to put in… Please leave now as I ONLY work with people who are success-minded and driven… And those who KNOW this is going to take real sweat equity and who are motivated to take immediate and continual action.

Why partner with me? Well I know what I am doing online and I am here to help YOU as well. I am NOT looking to sign up dozens of reps every month, but I do want to work closely with those whom I bring into my inner circle of networking teammates who are hungry to learn and are willing to use the internet to their own advantage. Because I have learned how to leverage the power of online marketing I can now in turn teach you to do the same and in the process you will learn:

1. How to generate leads build your downline in your direct niche.
2. How to brand yourself online -giving you the presence you need to make it on BIG the internet.
3. Even how to make money from those people who say “NO!” to your primary business.

Above all else I want to share with you why your current lack of success is NOT your fault. Most MLM companies have the deck stacked up against you to begin with. That is why you owe it to yourself to NEVER struggle in MLM marketing again. When I talk about generating leads and branding yourself online -I mean just that. The system I will plug you into does all the hard work for you. It will teach you how to market online the right way- using the best systems that have been proven to give you the greatest results in the shortest amount of time… And showcase you as a leader in the process.

In my company I can show you what it takes to make all this work on your behalf. in order to build a large residual income that could result in a pay out plan you could pass on to your children’s children and leave a legacy for future generations to come. Yes you can achieve that goal and so much more -if you can follow instructions and work independently. You see, I am NOT one of those guys who looks to make a quick buck by jumping from company to company or by promoting the next great thing out there today. I have done my homework and have found a great company with great products and an exceptional compensation plan -so I am staying right where I’m at. Because that is how you build a solid downline – by sticking with it and staying committed.

The real truth here is that too many people have a 9-5 workers mindset to ever experience success in their MLM business… However if you have made it this far… The odds are in your favor that you are not one of those people who suffer from that kind of thinking! I sat down a while back and I made a list of friends and family I want to personally help.I then came up with ideas that will allow me to help out my community in the way of donations and in raising money for good and worthwhile causes.
That is what this is all about for me -giving back and sharing what I have learned to benefit others.

With all that said click on the link below to learn more about my company and the tools and systems I use to build my own downline while earning a profitable front end income as well. I know when you see what I have to offer- you will make a solid decision based on facts -not on all that hype you have already heard before. I look forward to working with you and building a great partnership together.

Lets get started Aaron – I want to work with you

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Aaron Decker at 419-960-4028 or skype aaronsdecker

P.S. Some of the names I work with directly in the company are Tom “Big Al” Schreiter (CEO) Art Jonak, & Marcello Lisi

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  1. Robbie says:

    Hey Aaron, you are absolutely right, residual income is under rated and most people don’t realize how it can help especially when the economy is down…I earn residual income from insurance companies and network marketing compannies, it has been a God send for me!

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