Network Marketing Tip | What Can You Learn While Washing The Dishes

Take a few minutes and watch my video below as I share with you a Network Marketing Tip when it comes to washing dishes and getting more than just the dishes washed.

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Getting Started With Video’s | Video Marketing

Learn how I shoot video and edit them and get them onto YouTube.  When you are shooting videos you have to have fun.  Please watch the video below

Here is what I do when doing video work.  Once a week I will shoot videos, I collect ideas for the week and take the ideas and put them into a text file that way I don’t lose any of my ideas.  Then I will make the videos (weather it’s 1, 2, 5, 15 it doesn’t matter).  I sat aside whatever amount of time I need.  Then after making the videos I label them on both the video itself and then the text file.  

Now comes editing the videos, for that I use Camtasia but you can use Windows Movie Maker or if you are on a Mac you can use iMovie.  I will edit two videos a day that way I have a video to upload pretty much everyday.  For example it’s Monday I edit two videos upload one to YouTube and have the next one ready for Tuesday and then Wednesday I will edit two videos and so on.  

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P.S. I have put together some great YouTube Training videos A-Z when it comes to YouTube

Facebook Training | How To Set Up A Facebook Username

Take about 2 minutes to watch the video below to see how you can grab a facebook username for your profile or “page”.  To grab a username you will want to head over to please enjoy the video below and make sure to share this post with friends and family.  Also enjoy my other post and training.

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