MyLeadSystemPro Wake Up Call with Cedrick Harris: “Books worth Your Investment”

Cedrick Harris led this morning’s call by sharing his favorite books. These are just any books…

Leadership books that help you actually apply what you learn.

If you can get one golden nugget out of any book or CD set you purchase it’s worth it. Read More…

Twitter PPC training, I know EXACTLY what your thinking

Are you even aware that “Twitter PPC”
exists? I wasn’t

2 of my good friends are some underground
PPC experts, and they’ve dialed this thing in.

Check it out. The last $50 they spent on
their “Twitter Pay-Per-Click” marketing resulted in:

* $0.37 per click to a laser targeted prospect
that right at that moment is searching for what
you have to offer. <<< HUGE!

* 347 re-tweets.

* 2,655 pairs of eyeballs to their offers.

Massive viral exposure. Oh, and it’s automated.

Sound pretty sexy, huh?

And they’ve agreed to share everything they’re
doing to get these results for F*R*E*E on a webinar
this Wednesday July 7th at 9:00 PM EST.
And this thing will sell out fast so get here early.
Register Here:

MyLeadSystemPRO™ Live Marketing & Training Call forMembers and Guests.
Join Us this Wednesday Night and listen live.

9PM Eastern (5 GMT)
8PM Central
7PM Mountain
6PM Pacific

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Talk about cutting-edge marketing knowledge
and value. That’s all you ever get from me!

Give me a call or shoot me an email if you like
what I constantly give to you week in and week
out, and if you want to take our relationship to
the next level.

I’ve giving this type of training to you for zero
cost. Imagine what I could do for you if we were
business partners

Aaron Decker

Wake Up CALL ~ with Brian Fanale “Commitment & Freedom”

MyLeadSystemPro Co-Founder Brian Fanale led this morning’s call.

Summer is supposed to be a slow time traditionally in this industry but Brian sees everyone in MLSP doing so well. He’s impressed with the numbers he sees members hitting within MLSP.
He says it’s just phenomenal.

Think about it: there aren’t any other options for people these days for those who want to make $. Right here, right now is where everyone is turning. If you haven’t seen a spike in your lead flow, in your paycheck … he says you will. Stay committed to your marketing, pick your strategy and stick with it.
We have all kinds of ways to generate leads within the back office.
Brian says to pick a strategy and run with it – just keep your momentum rolling.

You need 3 simple things to build your business.
1. become a leader
2. build a list
3. market to your list

Always provide value- give them what they want… they want a solution to finding leads and they want training.
When you 1st started looking at this industry, you weren’t exactly looking for a biz. You were looking for solutions.

Build the value in yourself first then build lead flow for your business
It’s not that hard… you don’t have to know everything about everything…you have to know a little about a lot.

When he initially began internet marketing Brian picked video marketing and learned everything he had to know about it and 3 months later he was a top earner within his primary.

Tt took him 8 most to build a funnel … it’s the gpt funnel in your back office.
He built his business through videos, articles, and ppc.

You can do this.
1. Build a list
2. Build a relationship with your list.
3. Market to the list.

People are looking for leaders, show them how they can get more money and that’s when things start happening.

Brian wrote a post about freedom on the MLSP website. The only reason why we have our freedom is b/c of our forefathers.

He is his own boss. This industry gives you freedom.

Most people have bosses for their entire lives. Brian chose to have a life of freedom and dedicated his time to learn how to market online in order to live the life he wanted

He started in this industry just as the real estate bubble burst.
You can create your own freedom… you can create whatever you want.

This Wednesday’s training is going to be on twitter ppc.
We are so dedicated to getting you the best of the best. Your best interest is our #1 goal.

Get inspired. We built this to help you. Get your mind right, enjoy what you do and help a ton of people.
Give them the tools they need to build a business.
We have everything you need to go create everything you want. Freedom is right there.

Thank you Brian Fanale for your words of encouragement. Thank you MyLeadSystemPro members for making this the best internet marketing community EVER.

See you on the next wake up call, same time, same place.
MyLeadSystemPro Wake Up Call 646-519-5860 pin #4598 8AM PST / 11AM EST
(I try to record most of the calls). If you would like to listen to this call send me a message via skype aaronsdecker. I would be more than happy to share the short 15 minute call with you.

All the Best to Your Continued Success,

Content above is from Roxana Hannah MyLeadSystemPro VP Communications

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