10,187 distributors in 10 months and counting.

Join us this Wednesday night for a free webinar hosted by MyLeadSystemPro MLSP. This week we are going to be having a lady just tearing things up to the likes of over 10,000 distributors in less than 10 months. She is going to be sharing how she has been able to build such a large team in such a short time.

See you on the call Wednesday night Free MLSP Webinar

Wake Up Call with Cedrick Harris “Power of Focus”

Cedrick Harris conducted this morning’s call on the Power of Focus (if you would like to listen to the call contact me on skype aaronsdecker). Why is he talking about this? … people regularly ask him this one particular question: how did you become the #1 income earner in mlsp?
He always replies that It comes down to having the power of focus. First of all, mlsp is the no.1 attraction marketing system on the planet.
Here’s the thing you must understand… you must have focus. Read More…

Wake Up Call with Tracey Walker “Branding YOU in the Best Light”

If you would like to listen to this call I have it recorded and can share it with you via skype. My skype id is aaronsdecker


Tracey’s husband was looking through Bloomberg Magazine and on the cover of the magazine she saw the image of 4 working class men. The capture read “The idea that BP is making people whole is a lie.” Read More…

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