Nobody Left to Talk to About Your Business? Think Again

You have done EVERYTHING your upline has told you to do. You have handed out flyers, talked to EVERYONE within 3 feet of you, and the list goes on and on. Told them all how great your company is and how they will make tons and tons of money, but nobody wants to join. Here is a thought why not lead with the product, so many people are out trying to jam the money message down peoples throat. Get people excited about the product and THEN introduce the business if they are OPEN to taking a look. If your business is SO great then you will welcome customer’s right along with business builders.

October 21st join my team or elseSee the money approach is one of the worst things going on in this amazing industry. People are out saying if you get 4 who get 4 and they all get 4 each we will all be rich. If you have been in this industry for any amount of time you know this ALMOST never happens. For me I am part of a VIP invitation only travel club, I could say to someone “Do you like to travel?” and lead in with the product. Honestly who is going to say no to that? Some will believe it or not and that is OK, remember there are SO MANY people out in this world don’t get hung up on that “one” guy/girl. You can’t say the wrong thing to the right people remember that.

When you say you have no one left to talk to, I want you to RIGHT NOW pull out your phone and look through it and tell me you have called everyone in it because if not then you have not run out of people to talk to. If you are looking online to build your business go to facebook and look for “friends of friends” connect with those people, find something you have in common with them and start chatting. Do not just go hey SARAH, I see we have a common friend in JOHN want to look at my business? Build a relationship and go from there at the very least you will have a new friend when you’re done.October 21st 2014 Warm Market List

Network marketing isn’t perfect but it sure is better than the normal day in and day out grind. Have fun building your business and understand you have want your PROSPECTS want you just have to present you and your business properly. One last thing if you are building offline or online do NOT go around talking about your company. So as people hear the company name they will go to google and do a search and EVERYONE knows everything on google is true so they will see something negative about your company and have already made a decision not to take a look at your business. With my company we have a short 15 minute video and the goal is to get as many eye balls as you can on that video.

If you are looking for more people to talk to check out my free audio/pdf of 11 free sources of network marketing leads in the upper right hand corner of this site.

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