How Will MLSP Help Me Build My Primary MLM Business?

That is a great question, you are in for a treat you will see two answers to that exact question below.


“I have a question… It seems like you can do this even if you already have a business, which I do. So, how would you do both or incorporate MLSP? Sorry, I’m new and interested but just trying to figure all this out. There are a ton of “systems” out there and they all seem like a blur. Thanks in advance :)”

Here is one of the answers (from a MLSP community member) “I know about the ton of systems out there and have tried a few, but I found MLSP to be the best on the planet. It’s the direct reason that I’m doing very well in my primary business today. You put your business inside the program and promote it that way.”

Here is the answer I got when I asked MLSP’s support. “With MLSP™, you are going to create a secondary site for marketing purpose that works in conjunction with your network marketing company site.

While your network marketing company page reference your primary business right up front (including in its marketing), your MLSP™ page handles things a bit differently. Our #1 target market is either current network marketers, people actively seeking information on our industry, or business opportunity seekers.

And guess what? None of these prospects are interested in your business. Yet, at least.

The top earners in the network marketing industry understand the fact that network marketers and opportunity seekers are your best prospects. They are looking for someone of value, someone who can guide them to the promised land. Because of your association with MLSP™ and the million-dollar marketing education that comes with it, YOU are now that leader!

The point of all of this is to provide your leads with incredible value and that’s it! When you do this properly, which you will because you are using MLSP’s funnels, you will begin to build trust and a solid relationship with your prospects because you’re not just another car salesman trying to make a sale.

When your prospects realize this you will become even more attractive. As your leads see how much value you hold, how much value is behind the curtain in MLSP™, or the fact that they’re tired of struggling using marketing methods that simply do not work for them, you will generate a MLSP™ sign-up.MLSP

And when you become an expert at this process, your leads will learn to know, like, and trust you. You will get people asking you what your primary business is with their credit card in hand ready to join whatever you tell them to! And that’s when you (via your Primary Programs page, or emails, or a personal call) direct those qualified leads over to your primary network marketing company site.

As you see, it’s a different way of marketing (and a very productive one, at that) — but it works side-by-side with your existing site instead of replacing it.”

Hope these two answers to the question “How will MLSP help me build my primary MLM business?” Are what you are looking for. If you are ready to get started with MLSP I encourage you to go watch the intro video and see if MLSP will be a fit in your marketing budget.


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  4. MLSP is so key in this business, so glad you’re sharing it! Great to connect, Deborah

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