Isagenix Review: Miracle Weight Loss Or Just A Diet Scam

What Isagenix Claims

Isagenix is a new weight loss product that is causing quite a stir. Can it do all it claims to be able to or is it just another example of people desperate to lose weight being willing to try anything? There are those who would vehemently argue for either side. This Isagenix review will try to make some sense out of the vastly different sides to this story.

Here is a little information about this Isagenix product. Isagenix is a program that consists of drinking shakes and eating snacks provided by Isagenix along with drinking copious amounts of water. By doing this the user is supposed to be able to cleanse their body of toxins and unwanted metabolic byproducts, such as fat. Keeping on the Isagenix program requires regular fasting and a strict adherence to the eating guidelines they give you.

Why Isagenix isn’t FDA approved

Isagenix is not FDA approved but that in its self does not mean much. The FDA does not regulate non-pharmaceutical weight loss programs. It also has not been around long enough for any long term appraisals to be done. As far as Isagenix safety or effectiveness, there seems to be evidence for the positive as well as the negative.

On the positive, there are many people out there singing the praises of Isagenix. They claim that they used the product as suggested and successfully lost weight, some having kept it off for a significant period of time. They are thrilled with their experience and say that the fasting and living mostly on a liquid diet is a fair trade for the improvements they have seem in their weight and energy levels.

Those who have succeeded are not at all bothered when Isagenix asks them to become associates and sell the product to their family and friends. In fact, they are happy to tell complete strangers about how well it has worked for them and then encourage them to try it.

For each of those happy users however, there seems to be an unhappy one.


Isagenix expects you to purchase more than you consume…

These people did not reach their weight loss goals while using this product and or gained everything back when they decide to stop using it. They did not feel that regular fasting and a strict eating regimen was worth they weight loss they may have achieved.

These people were not at all happy to be asked to sell the product themselves. They claim that the way Isagenix asks you to purchase more product than you personally will need, in the expectation of you then reselling it, leaves you paying large sums of money before you even know whether you would want to sell it to people you know.

This Isagenix review seems to leave you about where it started, with no easy answer. Perhaps the reason for this is that no weight loss plan can help you to take off unwanted pounds unless you are willing to put in the work required. If you are serious about losing weight and have some money to spare, then it seems Isagenix may be able to help you reach your goals. This is a third party Isagenix review. At the end of the day you’re going to need an online lead generation system.

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