Is your Facebook Profile hurting your chances of people finding you?

Hello to everyone out there, I have had a lot of people enjoy the training in this video and I wanted to share it with you here on my blog.  Your Facebook profile is VERY important you will want to have your profile set up so people can find you and connect with you. Please watch the short video below and leave a comment and share the video with anyone and everyone that you think would enjoy the training.

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Aaron Decker

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13 Responses to “Is your Facebook Profile hurting your chances of people finding you?”

  1. Hey Aaron

    On Facebook I am an open book :)

    Nice video tutorial.
    Peter Fuller MBA recently posted..Does Your Home Business Make You Feel Uncomfortable

  2. Dina says:

    Aaron, thanks for the tips. I have a Q: is there a way i make my wall posts and comments invisible for specific “friends”? If I unfriend them, will they receive a notice of that?

    • Aaron Decker says:

      Hi Dina, your welcome. When you unfriend someone they don’t get a notice. About hiding comments and status from certain people, I know you can hide status updates not sure about comments. Let’s connect on skype and I can help you further. aaronsdecker on skype

  3. Nataleigh says:

    Great tutorial Aaron. found some things I was missing…ooops & thanks! Glad I’m on your lsit.

  4. Nataleigh says:

    Also, Have you done a training on the benefits of a FaceBook page yet? I’ve been looking into it. but was wondering if you had any thoughts on pages.

    • Aaron Decker says:

      Benefits on having a facebook page? Well Facebook is one of the most visited websites in the world. That should be enough for anyone to want to be part of it. People spend more time on FB than any other site in the world.

  5. Thanks for the post Aaron!!! Nataleigh, One of the benefits of pages is that you can have as many people who like your page as you can have. With your profile you are limited to 5000 friends. Also with pages, you can message all the people who like your page at one time. With a profile, you can only send 20 at a time. This can be accomplished by splitting up your friends into lists. In some ways when you are marketing, its almost better to only market with a page. Then there is the little thing known as FBML that gives you the option to have a landing page for your page. I want to introduce you to Social Media Tip Of The Day… Enjoy!!
    To Our Massive Success
    Diane L Fisher recently posted..Now What

  6. Dina,
    They will not receive a notice that you un-friend them. No worries there.
    Diane L Fisher recently posted..Creating A Custom FaceBook Picture

  7. Nick Naggar says:

    Hi Aaron.
    Thanks for the video demonstration, very helpful.
    Nick Naggar

  8. Edward says:

    Aaron in watching your video I picked up a good idea I am going to implement right away. It’s amazing how 1 little tweak make make a huge difference. Keep the good stuff coming.

    “Empowering People to Unleash their Inner Champion”
    Edward recently posted..7 Really Smart Habits of Successful Champions!

  9. Sam says:

    Hello there I liked your great blog post on Your Facebook Profile hurting chances of people finding you. The article was very helpful for a report I am working on for university.

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