Finding the Perfect Network Marketing Company Will ALWAYS get you Success

SuccessinNetworkMarketingLet me take you back a couple of months as I was in a MLM company and I thought to myself if I could just find the perfect company that EVERYONE would want to join and build and if I could find the perfect sponsor that would answer ALL my questions and do ALL the 3 ways I could send their way I would be set. WOW! Was I wrong or what see what I have learned over the last couple of months and should have learned when I first got into network marketing is I could have the WORST company and the WORST sponsor in the world and STILL make a killing in this industry WHY you ask?

It’s possible MY success in my business is ALL up to ME not my sponsor not the company but ME. Think about this if my sponsor is going to carrying me on their back then people I bring in are going to want to do the same to me. Sure you could handle a few hell you might be able to handle a couple hundred, but after a while you are going to get burnt out and want to quit. Build your business so that if you are done on vacation for 4 months LIVING LIFE that your team is able to keep on working and building their dream. Your business starts with you down, network-marketing-successALWAYS remember that. Don’t get in the habit of answering easy questions that you companies customer service can handle. Why you might ask well 1. That is what they are paid to do and 2. If you sit there and answer those for your team of say 100,000 people because that should be the goal someday right? You will get those questions over and over and over.

Now I am not saying just pick any old company and run you have to be smart and understand the world and know what is going to work and might not work long term. Same can be said with a sponsor you want someone that is ACTUALLY actively building a team.
So many trainers out there these days aren’t even actively building. My sponsor and his wife Ray and Jessica Higdon are ON FIRE and have been ever since I have followed them. They put out SO MANY great training products that cover pretty much anything you can think of when it comes to this amazing industry. Feel free to check out their stuff. I have bought a couple of products from them in the past few months and they will ALWAYS under promise and OVER deliver.

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Aaron Decker

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