Wake Up Call with Cedrick Harris “Power of Focus”

Cedrick Harris conducted this morning’s call on the Power of Focus (if you would like to listen to the call contact me on skype aaronsdecker). Why is he talking about this? … people regularly ask him this one particular question: how did you become the #1 income earner in mlsp?
He always replies that It comes down to having the power of focus. First of all, mlsp is the no.1 attraction marketing system on the planet.
Here’s the thing you must understand… you must have focus.
With all the tools on the internet: google facebook, blogging, cpa, cpv, twitter… there’s so much out there and that’s why you have to have the power of focus.

We have many new members.. this story takes him back to his boy scout days.. what happens when you direct sunshine through a magnifying glass on a leaf? The leaf burns but if you move the magnifying glass around.. no burn.
This is laser targeted focus.

Are you in the Flavor of the Month Club? There’s a new company that pops up and Cedrick gets calls with people telling him he absolutely has to join their teams -he gets these calls all the time.- all the leaders do.
5 out of the 8 who called him in the last 6 mos. called him about 2 previous other deals… saying that was the best deal out there.
These people have no focus. You have to focus on the biz that’s in front of you.
If you want a substantial income you have to focus on the biz that is your income.
That’s how you create a walk away income in this industry.
Many people have created a walkaway income in two plus years. 3 plus years. Stick with it!
But if you don’t focus on developing your craft, you’re never going to create the walkaway income you go into this industry for.

You have 3 spots you can fill up for primary co’s in your back office. That doesn’t mean you have to.
Cedrick will tell you what you need to hear but not necessarily what you want to hear. mlsp is a tool to assist you in building your biz. If you have 3 different co’s in your back office, you’re not focusing.
Also, if you’re trying to sell 3 different co’s it doesn’t look very good.
Have you quit and joined many over and over?
If you look back in the last 12 months and see you’ve had no success, realize it’s not the company with the issue… it’s you.
You must understand your network marketing company is providing you with the products. It is up to you to provide the marketing. Network – Marketing.
If your company didn’t need you to provide the marketing they’d just hire a celebrity and sell the product to millions but your company has decided to take the route of network marketing and make more millionaires than any other industry in existence.

All you have to is drive traffic to that business.
You have to begin to focus on being a leader. Leaders attract other leaders. You must develop you skills.
How did Michael Jordan become the best basketball player? He honed his skills. When everybody else was watching tv, MJ was shooting freethrows in the dark; he was honing his craft.
How much focus do you have in honing in your craft? How much time are you spending on becoming a better leader? How much time did you spend meeting leaders in vegas, in attending events?
How much time are you going to spend at mlsp’s event Oct 2,3 reaching out to leaders and asking them questions, asking them for video interviews?

Because we have a phenomenal programmer, Todd Schlomer you can see who the top leaders are in mlsp.
Follow the leaders, get on their list, pay attention to the emails the leaders send…become one of the top leaders.
Cedrick followed Brian Fanale and Brian didn’t have any time to mentor Cedrick. Cedrick just payed attention to what brian did, he followed him. Don’t question the results people have just follow their lead.
If you’re not bringing in 15-20 people per day, you might want to jump on the live training calls, or the Wednesday night webinars.

Don’t let anything stop you from being at the mlsp event Oct.2,3. you have plenty of time to save the $ for the hotel room & the plane ticket.

Are you focused on accomplishing your goals inside of mlsp? In creating the momentum you deserve? If you are not in motion your biz and bank account will surely reflect it.
Refuse to allow anyone to take your dreams away. The power of focus will allow you to make a substantial amount of money, to become a phenomenal leader.
It will put you in a position of strength. Simply because you have the power of focus.

nugget: this is a tool that has assisted Cedrick in attaining his best focus. Take advantage of the free cd they give you. Listen to it for 15 mins per day.

In closing, Cedrick says,
There are 3 types of people in the world.
Ones who make things happen.
Ones who watch things happen.
Ones who ask, “What happened?!”
Which will you choose to be?

Thank you Cedrick Harris for your words of wisdom. Thank you MyLeadSystemPro members for making this the best internet marketing community EVER.

See you on the next wake up call, same time, same place.
MyLeadSystemPro Wake Up Call 646-519-5860 pin #4598 8AM PST / 11AM EST

All the Best to Your Continued Success,

Content above from Roxana Hannah MyLeadSystemPro VP Communications taken from MLSP Fan Page

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5 Responses to “Wake Up Call with Cedrick Harris “Power of Focus””

  1. Great video Aaron!!! I wanted to tnank you for reminding me that I am not on facebook to play farmtown…All of those things can be very time sucking. I have a post on my blog that your readers might be interested in as well…check it out at…
    To Our Massive Success

    • Aaron Decker says:

      Yes I think everyone has been guilty from that. Wasting time on fb, get on do your work and then move on to the next thing.

  2. Aaron, your video was straight to the point! I love that! Also I want to say I see the leader in YOU by making this video for others online. Watching this video and reading YOUR blog post brought me back to when I first came online and was wanting to join everything that came my way.

    Thank You For The VALUE my friend,


    • Aaron Decker says:

      Thanks for the comment David, I really like shooting videos and giving back to everyone what I know and have learned.

  3. Hi Aaron, it’s great, absolut, Focus,

    I just – this Sunday – watch this video from Aaron Decker, and then I had to reply, and I did with this video :)
    Soren Egstrup recently posted..Stay in Focus

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