Building Two MLM’s at the Same Time Great Idea or Not so Great of an Idea?

October 19 2014You want or currently are building two network marketing/MLM businesses. Let me share with you why I think this is a BAD idea, see in this industry it is ALL about community and culture. I have never seen and my mentors have never seen a person making BIG time money promoting two separate business. Now you might say well Aaron I am promoting to DIFFERENT deals, I got Health and wellness and I got financial services. These are ABSOLUTELY competing businesses because you are looking to build teams in both and if you are on one hand or one day talking about your health and wellness then the next about your financial services that my friend does not look good at all.

Build one and focus on that one and build long term relationships and you will no doubt be much better off. See most people aren’t having success with one business so they join another and think well if for example Susie doesn’t like financial stuff I will pitch my health and wellness and for sure she will be into that. With this approach you are spreading yourself way to thin. Build one business and have an Absolute passion for it. At the end of the day success will not come by joining the “PERFECT COMPANY” it will come when you decide NOTHING is going to get in your way. Break through that wall and go out and share your one business with people and see if they are open to taking a look.

I ask you to take a serious look at what you are currently doing with your one business or if you have 2 or more businesses how is it working out for you RIGHT NOW. Be honest, is what I am doing going to get me the results that I desire? The old saying is you keep doing the same thing over and over again you will keep getting the same results. You want change you have to create great daily habits.October 19 2014 1

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2 Responses to “Building Two MLM’s at the Same Time Great Idea or Not so Great of an Idea?”

  1. Davene says:

    Not to mention that anyone your recruit will see that you are NOT focused on them – you have 2 downlines! THey will duplicate and do the same thing you are doing. Leads don’t build leaders by the way.

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