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Before I go into detail about who I am… I want to take the time out to personally thank you for taking interest in learning more about who I am. I also what to put it out there that my main goal is to help give REAL value and to show you what REALLY works when it comes to “Marketing Online”!

With that said I want to make it clear that much of the information and insight I share is meant to help you avoid the costly mistakes too many people make when it comes to internet marketing. There are some basic fundamental tools you will need to succeed online and I want to show you how you can add them to your “Marketing toolbox”- without spending TONS of money in the process. So please feel free to leave comments- good, bad or in between relating to all I offer out to you!

I want you to learn the ins and outs of online marketing without feeling lost and hopeless… but to better explain myself you must know more about me… here is my story:

In 2003 I was a Senior in high school and the captain of the football & basketball team. I knew then what I know now… how to lead and inspire my team mates. I graduated in 2004 and since I didn’t want to go to college I instead opted for going straight to work.

I worked in a local factory – without a college degree I wanted to position myself in a more stable environment and that seemed like the most logical place for me to go. Don’t get me wrong I live in a small community in Bellevue, Ohio and it is really great place to live…

but after 3 years at that factory job (at one time was working two eight hour shifts at two different factories as well as coaching football and only getting 3 ½ hours of sleep a day). I got really scared… because I asked myself this question “What if all I ever accomplish in life is centered around working in this factory?”

That question stirred something up inside me and I did the only thing I could think of too off-set the fact that I had not gone to college.

I got online and looked at implementing a secondary income from home.

So there I was 3 years since high school -it was 2007 and I just didn’t feel like I had reached my highest potential. During my search I came across a website for Herbalife and I went for it… Now it is a great company… but I had no clue what I was doing so I got sucked in to the “Old School” approach of marketing.

That is I started out by building my business by contacting my friends, neighbors, and family members. I was handing out letters.

Telling anyone and everyone about my business and the products I had to offer. I was going to local school events to pester the heck out of anyone who found themselves anywhere near me!

I was even putting my business cards on every car -in any parking lot I came across… just like my up line told me I was supposed to do.  I even added a second factory job working two 12 hour shifts on the weekend (64+ hours a week total).  Thinking I would work my part time weekend factory job while I started to get my business rolling.  I worked 64+ hours a week for 4 months then it was time for a change. I got sick and tired of that approach… and left the company- not because I was unhappy with the company… just with my results – or lack thereof!

I remained at the factory for 2 more years and then in 2009 I jumped into another company… and you guessed it -history repeated itself! I mean that company was great too, they had great leadership -but it was the same approach to marketing as what I has done with Herbalife.  This new business had my wife and I driving on a 2 hour drive to the LOCAL meeting once or twice a week just to get our training.

But that time around I realized something REALLY valuable – and it began the series of events that have lead to my success… Most people here in Bellevue are simply not interested -or familiar enough with internet marketing and work at home bases business opportunity to fully recognize -or even embrace it’s potential in the first place.

That is NOT to say folks here don’t get it- they just haven’t been exposed to the root of online marketing and how it works- let alone the actual benefits of doing it the right way. We live in an awesome community and people here believe in working to their fullest

potential- in the regular 9-5 format. I personally admire that… but I wanted more.

Which lead to my clear understanding of looking outside the box- and tapping into the magic of marketing on the internet to build my business!

Now we want to show YOU what you need to succeed WITHOUT busting the bank. We will show you the way… IF you are willing to do the WORK!

3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Joshua says:

    Hi Aaron,
    Great video and blog site. Look forward to hearing more from you. Much success man. :)

  2. Tripudjo says:

    I like yr “simple truth” type of explanation about internet marketing. Yeah, we are all struggling and have to pass that hurdle in “getting there”.
    I do hope to get some information here in how to get there.
    Take Care.

  3. simeon says:

    All I can say is wow, after I read all you experience and that is the same thing that is been happen to me, thanks for your great tip’ s that is the same work that I am going to do!

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