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Finding the Perfect Network Marketing Company Will ALWAYS get you Success

SuccessinNetworkMarketingLet me take you back a couple of months as I was in a MLM company and I thought to myself if I could just find the perfect company that EVERYONE would want to join and build and if I could find the perfect sponsor that would answer ALL my questions and do ALL the 3 ways I could send their way I would be set. WOW! Was I wrong or what see what I have learned over the last couple of months and should have learned when I first got into network marketing is I could have the WORST company and the WORST sponsor in the world and STILL make a killing in this industry WHY you ask?

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Looking for that perfect prospect? Think About Your Business Long Term

I bet you have said this before, I wish I could just find that “one or two” prospects that would explode my downline and I could just sit back October 27thand count the income coming in. Sure you could think that way or you could go out and prospect up the social ladder and have posture. See so many get into Network marketing through the money pitch and that you won’t have to work that hard to make more money than you ever had before. Read More…

Nobody Left to Talk to About Your Business? Think Again

You have done EVERYTHING your upline has told you to do. You have handed out flyers, talked to EVERYONE within 3 feet of you, and the list goes on and on. Told them all how great your company is and how they will make tons and tons of money, but nobody wants to join. Here is a thought why not lead with the product, so many people are out trying to jam the money message down peoples throat. Get people excited about the product and THEN introduce the business if they are OPEN to taking a look. If your business is SO great then you will welcome customer’s right along with business builders. Read More…

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