What is Value and the Does and Do Not’s When it Comes to it.

You ever see stuff like this before? ★ ((( READY TO MAKE REAL $$$$ ))) ★ (this is attached to a opportunity)December_3rd_2014 this is ALL over social media and it’s bad. NO ONE is clicking on these except for the people that want something to be handed to them. This ad is NOT value at all, it is pure SPAM. Don’t just post a link and think someone is going to come by and buy your product let alone join your business.

I DON’T know about you but I am not a fan of being on someones email list and the only time you get an email is when they want to sell you something. NOT COOL. I have unsubscribed from MANY email list for this exact reason. I can only think of two people since I have been online working my businesses that have offered value as well as things to buy and they are Lawrence Tam and Ray Higdon. So what is value you are asking well, just take a look at my recent post all of them are sharing tips, thoughts, and tricks when it comes to Read More…

What if I Told you This is NOT Going to be Easy…….Would That Scare you Away?

Join my team or elseThe reason network marketing gets such a bad rep is because so many people just want to pitch their business to ANYONE that is within 100 miles of them in person or online. People are saying how EASY it is and that only a complete idiot would not join their business. Network marketing can do amazing things for you and your family BUT you will have to give up time from your family and some of your favorite things in order to get that lifestyle. Just yesterday it was made official that I was going to step down/retire from coaching football at Bellevue City Schools. I had coached there for 10 years. I realized in order for me to get what I want for my family and I, I needed to let some things go. Read More…

Finding the Perfect Network Marketing Company Will ALWAYS get you Success

SuccessinNetworkMarketingLet me take you back a couple of months as I was in a MLM company and I thought to myself if I could just find the perfect company that EVERYONE would want to join and build and if I could find the perfect sponsor that would answer ALL my questions and do ALL the 3 ways I could send their way I would be set. WOW! Was I wrong or what see what I have learned over the last couple of months and should have learned when I first got into network marketing is I could have the WORST company and the WORST sponsor in the world and STILL make a killing in this industry WHY you ask?

Read More…

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